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Our Lives in Our Purse

I was thinking yesterday about how much of our lives are in our fashion purse. When we are young we carried pencils, pens, paper, Kleenex, lip gloss, computer for school and coins. As we had children we add bags of cereal, animal crackers, pacifiers an extra bottle, plastic bags for wet items, wipes and diapers. In our working lives we carried make up for touch ups, calculators, stapler file folders, computer, and other needed work related supplies. I noticed, as we grew older you will be carrying cough drops, hard candies if we are diabetic, a book to read if we have to wait in an office and our pillbox along with the other needed items like lipstick, makeup and our ever present bank cards. Our ladies purses have become our lifeline container.

The chiropractor said we should carry very little as the weight affects our backs. I need all of my Stuff! If you like to be prepared just throw it in your handy dandy fashion purse with the things you need at my fingertips no matter my age or personal needs.

We now have inner shells for our purses so we don't have to remember where in the purse our things went when we changed purses for the next season, next outing or the next stylish outfit we choose for the day. Once we have everything arranged, we like it where it is. Don't move our Stuff! We know where it is with just a feel in the dark. How I love my fashion purse/lifeline.

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Conventions of Female Identity

In the mid nineteenth century several women writers were gaining popularity. Writers like Warner, Cummings, Hentz, and Southworth took responsibility on their shoulders to remold the female identity for years to come. We know that women hold the unique responsibility of balancing moral values in a morally deficient society. Within literature and society at the time, the only platform to balance these virtues was a domestic one. This fine line is gets trampled on in EDEN Southworth's The Hidden Hand. Southworth's writing stretches further than specific character tendencies as in the description of the house is what also subverts cultural assumptions.

The use of this symbolic space is deliberately used many times as a device to prove her point. Scenes from Hurricane Hall, the hidden House, Clara Day's Willow heights, Marah's various cottages, and the Cal Retreat insane asylum are examples of spaces that she charged with language derived from feminist master.

Every house in The Hidden Hand serve as a women's prison at one time or another. Hurricane Hall specifically serves as a prison for Capitola at times as she is forbidden beyond certain boundaries. There is a connection between Hurricane Hall and Capitola's relationship that is similar to the constraints commonly placed on women. This theme is prevalent throughout The Hidden Hand but the reader was first introduced in chapter fifteen named Cap's Country Capers. This scene was one of the first introductions to Hurricane Hall as well for the reader. When Capitola first got there she was gloating in her new found fortunes. After living on the streets of New York as a vagrant newsgirl dressed in boy's clothes, she finally found a life of comfort.

Advice on Mardi Gras Ball Dresses

We all know that Mardi Gras is a very interesting and festive holiday that happens before Lent. Now Mardi Gras has come, many countries or cities are holding this big holiday by kinds of activities, such as Venice and New Orleans. Here I just want to talk about some rules of Mardi Gras dresses. If you want to attend this kind of one annual ball and you must need a ball dress. Some people are not disturbing by wearing a wonderful ball dress and know exactly what to look for. Others may not know exactly what they should wear on this big festival holiday. So here are four items for those who are eager to know some guide lines on this holiday.

First, the most important thing you should remember is that Mardi Gras balls have a totally different dress rules than regular parties or cocktail parties and so on. These traditional balls are very elegant and slap-up and you should wear a formal dress that can move freely on the dance floor.

Second, men may have no trouble in finding a black suit with tie or tuxedo. However, women may be concerned about what exactly they should wear to the ball. As we all know traditional Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold and most people chose to wear these colors for the ball, while not every ball is as strict as this. Other women may choose a simple black dress and this is also perfectly nice and acceptable. In a word, whatever color you choose is up to you, but it should match your skin and body and it should make you look great.

Third, you should wear a dress that fits your personality and your body shape. If you know exactly what you are looking for or have an idea in mind before searching for a dress, this will make your find a perfect ball dress much easier. If you are not sure about your style, you can ask your best friends or your family members for advice.

Last, you should also pay more attention to the length of the dress, it is also very important. You'd better wear a formal long elegant prom dress- it is the best choice to choose. Those dresses which are very short may be not acceptable and appropriate to wear on this ball. You can also ask someone for advice who has attended this kind of ball before instead of wearing a bad dress on this occasion. Mardi Gras is about fun and celebration so do not overly stress on finding the perfect dress. Just enjoying yourself in this big holiday and showing your best sides.

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New Earthies Shoes For Women On Sale

New Earthies for women sandals are raising quite a few eyebrows. Earth Footwear is a company with many decades of a quality reputation in the design and manufacture of comfortable shoes that are good for the body. They have come up with an entirely new concept in healthy yet fashionable shoes. The new line: Earthies. The new Earthies collection is defined by a range of elegant and gorgeous design, feminine shoes for work, casual and dress attire. The New Earthies features include a unique wellness footed with a cupped heel for superb arch support.

If you are a faithful Earth shoe customer, such as myself, you won't want to pass up this new style of shoe. Though it does not feature the Earth Footwear negative heel, it remains a shoe that is designed for comfort. Every so often I would like an alternative to the typical flat shoe, but I do not want to compromise my overall health. The traditional Earth shoes has helped me to not only get my body back into alignment but to keep it well adjusted. I do not often wear heels without regret. Now, I can look forward to my new Earthies. Earth Footwear knows that every woman has moments when they need to feel more feminine and fashionable.

Earthies will allow you to keep your wardrobe up to date without compromising your overall health. Most heels can really wreak havoc on your body when worn every day. I wear my Earth shoes most every day so I notice pain after only one evening of wearing heels. Earth Footwear knows this and has reached out to women with this new line of awesome shoes, the new Earthies for women.

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Rhondalynn Johnson

Presidential Candidates - The Women

The 2012 presidential candidates may prove to be the most diverse group that we have ever seen in the history of the United States. Let us take a few moments to look at each one of the women that may be in play.

Hillary Clinton, of course, has the most experience of any of the other female 2012 presidential candidates. When she was First Lady she had much influence with her husband, Bill Clinton and was professed to be his most influential advisor. She has been Secretary of State for the past 2 years, and most think that she has done an acceptable, if not excellent job with her duties as such. The only problem with Hillary Clinton is that she would have to challenge Barack Obama for the Democrat nomination. Although the race was very close between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008, it is hard to tell what the outcome would be in 2012.

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are the only other two women who have been talked about as 2012 presidential candidates. Sarah Palin's poll numbers have fallen recently, but she still has many staunch supporters. Some believe that the criticism she has taken from the media in the years since she has come into the national spotlight has really damaged her image. She has been highly panned for her lack of experience and global knowledge. Only time will tell if she decides to run as a 2012 presidential candidate.

Michelle Bachmann does have some experience in national politics and is a favorite of the Tea Party. She has earned respect as a well-spoken representative with knowledge in many areas of politics. What about a ticket with Sarah Palin in the number one spot and Michelle Bachmann in the number two spot? Give us another year and we will all find out who the frontrunner will be.