* Womens Interests: Burqini Swimwear for Muslim Women Will Propel Islamic Female Olympic Competitors

Burqini Swimwear for Muslim Women Will Propel Islamic Female Olympic Competitors

Have you heard about the new Burqini Swimwear for Muslim Women? It takes many of the attributes of the Burka typically worn by the women of Islam and it combines those components into a one-piece full covering swimsuit. Go ahead and search this online at your favorite Internet search engine, and take a look at these new designs - many of which are very stylish. Now then, consider if you will how this opens up the door for more activities which women wearing burkas historically could not do.

For instance, how about a women's bobsled team for the winter Olympics, or how about marathon runners, or other Olympic events such as swim races, high-diving, and synchronized swimming. How about bicycling, ice skating, or even track and field? What a wonderful new sense of freedom they might experience, increasing self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence for all the women of Islam - wouldn't that be an awesome new tomorrow for all of humanity?

Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance in Sweden and many of the Muslim Women which have immigrated to the country had been to the beach and enjoyed going into the water for the first time just for fun, they were quite happy, and they of course were mostly covered with their new swimwear; The Burquini. Right now these burquinies are somewhat controversial, but they have really taken off big time. From Australia to Europe they are a hot item amongst Muslim Women.

As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online it surely makes me smile to see this new found freedom and happiness. And I've been more than impressed with the designs, patterns, and colors too. This is a great innovation in swimwear and design. And it surely opens up so many future doors for greater participation in society, while they are still able to fully enjoy their heritage and culture. It's a brilliant solution to a pressing challenge.

It would be great to see the women of Islam competing in the Olympic Games, as more and more find ways to honor their traditions, culture, and religion while still joining the rest of the world in honoring the human spirit as we all compete in sports, and share our humanity. Indeed, I am not sure what gave me this thought, other than the fact that the bobsled teams and Olympic speed skaters wear somewhat similar attire to the Burquini Swimwear. But why stop there, why not take this to a higher level, increasing freedom and liberty for all Muslim Women? Please consider all this.

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