* Womens Interests: Our Lives in Our Purse

Our Lives in Our Purse

I was thinking yesterday about how much of our lives are in our fashion purse. When we are young we carried pencils, pens, paper, Kleenex, lip gloss, computer for school and coins. As we had children we add bags of cereal, animal crackers, pacifiers an extra bottle, plastic bags for wet items, wipes and diapers. In our working lives we carried make up for touch ups, calculators, stapler file folders, computer, and other needed work related supplies. I noticed, as we grew older you will be carrying cough drops, hard candies if we are diabetic, a book to read if we have to wait in an office and our pillbox along with the other needed items like lipstick, makeup and our ever present bank cards. Our ladies purses have become our lifeline container.

The chiropractor said we should carry very little as the weight affects our backs. I need all of my Stuff! If you like to be prepared just throw it in your handy dandy fashion purse with the things you need at my fingertips no matter my age or personal needs.

We now have inner shells for our purses so we don't have to remember where in the purse our things went when we changed purses for the next season, next outing or the next stylish outfit we choose for the day. Once we have everything arranged, we like it where it is. Don't move our Stuff! We know where it is with just a feel in the dark. How I love my fashion purse/lifeline.

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