* Womens Interests: Female Libido - Problems and Causes

Female Libido - Problems and Causes

There are so many things that affect the female libido. There are many causes and some of these are known to us but some are unknown yet. It is hard to find out the exact reason but here are some of the things that affect the sexual drive of a woman.

Psychological hindrances is one of the many factors that could greatly reduce your sexual drive. Here are some psychological hindrances. The three psychological hindrances that could tremendously affect your sexual drive are stress, low confidence and anxiety. One major thing that can hinder you is bad self image. Being stressed out and tired from your daily activities can also ruin your performance and even your appetite to enjoy what is in front of you. Another reason is anxiety in any form. It can stop you to fully enjoy engaging yourself. By eliminating all these factors, you are easily on your way to getting a healthier sex life.

Another factor is physical health. You will have a higher sex drive if you exercise regularly than being lazy, sitting at home the whole day. There is a study that says that woman who make themselves active and engafed in physical exercises are less prone to hormonal problems.

Having a poor diet plan can also be a consideration. One factor that greatly determine the activity you could do for a day is the foods you eat. Also, you should refrain from toxic overload. Try and drink lots of water, or better yet, try and detoxify your body of wastes and toxins by drinking green tea.

Birth control pills although prevent pregnancy, could affect your libido. Since these help level your hormones artificially, it would also kill your chances of getting all hyped up.

Aside from OTC, there are also other drugs that can kill a woman's sex drive. Antidepressants, sedatives, and blood pressure medications could also reduce your libido. Asking your doctor for an alternative drug or any drug that can counteract the results of medication is beneficial. In that way, you can delight in your partner fully.